The Amazingly Adventurous Stories of Braxton and James Mays book series was created to show the positive and uplifting relationship between a father and son. Often, African American fathers are stereotyped as not being involved in the rearing of their children. African American children aren’t depicted in stories as often as they should as being imaginative, creative, and brilliant. This series hopes to do away with stereotypes and shed a more accurate and positive light on an African American family that is actively involved in making sure their son, grandson, nephew, is being raised in an environment that promotes learning, creativity, confidence, security, and love.

The first book in the series is “A Walk Through The Park”. Braxton is on a mission to deliver an important picnic basket to Aunt Drick Drick. His mission leads him through his favorite park, and along the way, he meets the most AMAZING animals.

You will find out how a hula-hooping elephant, a roller-skating giraffe, a swinging monkey, a mud-loving pig, and a couple of playful squirrels help Braxton when he needs it the most.

About Author

James Dixon Mays

James is a professional basketball player and the President and CEO of A-MAYS-ING Stars. Coming from humble beginnings, James defied the odds of his childhood circumstances with the unwavering support of his family and his own personal drive to be successful. James is the proud parent of Braxton Mays. James travels often overseas to play basketball but remains actively involved in his son’s development. They talk daily when James is away, and they both look forward to story time when James returns home. James reached out to Deborah with a desire to create a children’s book about his relationship with his son and he gave Deborah creative control over the story. She was determined to show the world the truth, that African American children have huge imaginations, large vocabularies, and are highly intelligent.  The Amazingly Adventurous Stories of Braxton and James Mays is the first book in the series that shows the wonderful, loving bond between a father and son.

About CO-Author

Deborah Cousar-Saunders

Deborah is from Westchester County, New York. She is the proud mother of Brett Edward Saunders, a University of Alabama alumni. Deborah currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Her love of writing began at the age of 6. She is the author of the Putt Girl Book series and the first book in the series, Putt Girl; Best Day Yet, is at the United States Golf Association Museum for being groundbreaking and one of a kind. Deborah is grateful and very thankful to Jesus Christ for blessing her with the ideas and words for her children’s books. When Deborah is not writing, she is spending time with her mother, studying for her MBA, giving golf lessons, reading, traveling, and working on her golf game.

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Whether you are co-parenting, traveling for work, or a single parent, parenting has its ups and downs. We all make mistakes and wish we could have some do-overs. I’m here to share some insight as a dad who co-parents, travels for work, and has a great support system. We will share some tips, ideas, answer questions, and give support.

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Our priority is to make sure we give children the tools they need to learn, grow, and the confidence to pursue their dreams. It all starts with reading. Reading improves concentration and the ability to focus. Reading increases knowledge, understanding, and allows you to learn about the past and present. Reading reduces stress, improves sleep, and is very entertaining.

The “Amazingly Adventurous Stories of Braxton and James Mays,” explores the life of a single dad, professional Basketball player, James Mays and his son, Braxton. The first book in the series gives the world insight into an amazing relationship between a father and son. Not only is the book engaging, but it shows a young boy with a huge imagination. Readers will learn new vocabulary, they will laugh, and as they turn the pages, they will wonder what they will discover next.

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This book is dedicated to Mary Lou Dixon Andrews. She was an amazing daughter, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, and educator. She encouraged everyone she knew and loved to be their very best. Thank you Aunt Lou for always believing in us and for your love and support. You are an angel who is with us always.